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About us

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Community first

It's always been about you. This was created with YOU in mind. This means that as you change for the better, so will we.

Our Vision


Social media

Constantly unlocking innovative ways to tie the community together.


Seamless experience

We want to give you the key to a completely hassle-free experience.



Safeguarding data privacy, protection and payments are our priority.


How it began...

Childhood best friends turned business partners, Harsh and Baltej both share a passion for product design. While Harsh studied Physics at university, Baltej pursued Software both strengthening the problem-solving aspects of ApnaKey.


Harsh Patel & Baltej Singh

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What our name means

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Unlock ● Payments ● Security

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Ours ● Trustworthy ● One of Our Own

Image by Kevin Young
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Smart Leicester Award

This award was given for our new design of digital infrastructure that we are using to make our city smarter through technology.

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